Drive + Innovation = A Changed Mind

Continuing my pursuit of the newest tech concepts brought me back to San Francisco for the 2016 Wearable Technologies Conference. I was honored to deliver the Keynote address, When Sports & Technology Collide, to kickoff the second day of the conference.

I spoke about the power of a changed mind. A few years ago while playing for the Seattle Seahawks, I was introduced to Fatigue Science. We had a new nemesis — we had to compete against each other to get the best sleep! At first, I just wanted to win, but through the process I learned I was restless for much of the night, getting only a few hours of deep sleep. Performing at the highest level requires more, especially to continually  remain at the top.

Once oblivious to the power of sleep and the recovery it provided my body, I became obsessed with it. I had to win and I had to reach my sleep goal — at the highest level — just like every other goal I strove to meet each day. This focus, and increased performance opened a whole new world for me.

I wondered what else I had missed. I now knew the importance of sleep, but what else was as important as pushing through the most demanding workouts, two-a-days, and fueling properly? I looked around at my options and realized I was surrounded by technology that could measure anything I wanted it to. So I did what anyone with this new knowledge, known for pushing the limits would do, I ordered everything! I started tracking everything. I recorded my weight before and after workouts, my water intake, macros, and more.

And then, I made a concerted effort to recover. I set aside time for floating, physical therapy, massage therapy, and rest. Changing my mind led me to two Superbowls, one ring, and a storied free agent offseason that brought me to yet another Championship team, the Denver Broncos. The competitive edge means everything to our industry. That means we’re always looking for new ways to break through barriers and push our limits.

Now, I’m focused on innovation. I need to compete in a different way — there’s a wholeness to getting to your best. Give your best in everything in your life! On the field, this results in sequential success. In the world, this means getting to where you really want to be — where you dream of being. You can do it! The tools are all around us. It’s not just technology, it’s people. If you don’t know about something, reach out and ask for expertise. The worst that can happen is someone says no, so you keep working and keep asking, and the right door with open.

I know it’s not as easy for everyone, so I will continue to share my journey to find the best health and sports technology products and bring you along for the ride.

The real edge in this world is innovation. Keep moving, keep working, keep doing and being your best.